About Me

Hello my name is Makenzie Edwards (b. 2000). I am a multimedia artist and Filmmaker from Plainfield Illinois. Currently residing in Milwaukee, WI. In May 2023, I graduated from the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee with my Bachelor’s in Fine Arts, Film, Video, Animation, and New Genres. As well as a minor in Photography.

My film

In most of my works, I prefer to focus on experimental pieces. Works that are uncommon to see, and stretch the idea of reality and imagination.


Experimental Narrative. A loss of reality while lost inside of a coma.

In A Vase

Narrative. A mix between the highs and lows. Whether it be a dream during a harsh situation to bring light to it or a nightmare that plagues a good moment.

A Day In The Park

Experimental Silent. Experimentation of effects and storytelling through the creation of only using After Effects. The theme chosen was nature with the idea of a walk through it.

Contact Me

For any questions/inquiries about freelance work for either film or photography, please fill out the form below. Or reach out using my email makenzieedwards013@gmail.com